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Hamro Ghar Nepal - our home  

The children's home of Hamro Ghar is located outside of Kathmandu, Nepal's capital. Hamro Ghar means "our home", and is where 12 children are cared for. The children come from families in rural areas with very poor conditions. Most of the children are still in touch with their families 

that are unable to take care of them, and some of the children are orphans. There are four groups of siblings at Hamro Ghar. While they may be apart from their parents, Hamro Ghar helps brothers and sisters to stay together.    

Suresh Aryal founded the children's home as an NGO in 2008 and runs the organisation together with his wife Unnati. Apart from Suresh and Unnati there are two employees, "Didis", who help to look after the children and keep the household running. Suresh and Unnati have two children of their own, and all the children and grownups at Hamro Ghar live together, as one big family. All the children apart from one have lived at Hamro Ghar since the start 2008. Everyday life is well organised and education is the priority. The eldest has finished college in 2017 and two children started college this summer 2018. Saturday is the only day of rest, when the big family sometimes makes trips to the local surroundings.    

Below is a picture from a picnic with Hamro Ghar, December 2014. 

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